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The nation’s first Historically Black College University – established in 1837. Here students find a voice within a select community and develop the character, intellect, and talent required to succeed. 


Founded in 1891, Delaware State University enjoys a long history as one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Its Aviation Program provides students with quality education and experience in preparation for careers in the aviation industry.

Nonprofit Recipients
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About us

About Us

MV Wins was founded in 2000 by Sharon-Frances Moore owner of a business readiness and etiquette company and Johnna Wynn a National Board-Certified Teacher (NBCT), who has since retired after 37 years of teaching. The two avid philanthropist and community volunteers witnessed nonprofits struggle with fundraising and outreach decided to do something about it.  They founded MV Wins an organization that assists nonprofits with fundraising and community outreach.

Both Johnna and Sharon-Frances' families started vacationing on the island of Martha's Vineyard in the early 1960s, so it was only natural that they thought of this idyllic setting as a launchpad for Sip and Savor Events. Since 2012, the entire volunteer team of MV Wins and Sip & Savor have assisted nonprofit organizations to bring positive change to individuals and communities at large by planning epicurean and special fundraising events on Martha's Vineyard, at no cost. This year's Sip & Savor events will focus on support for nonprofits that make tangible changes in students' lives.  

Our 2022 Vision

Sip & Savor events and education panels are a source of information and a leader in income generation for the recipient schools.  This year MV Wins focus is primarily on general education and aviation studies. The 2022 event will partner with industry leaders, nonprofits, and various organizations that support education and the needs of students.

Our Values

INCLUSION: We consider the interest of all people, especially those who are historically disenfranchised due to race, creed, and/or socio-economic factors.

LEARNING: We strive to support those organizations that provide educational resources on various topics and give access to experts.


INNOVATION: We seek to support organizations that find new and innovative ways to change the lives of people. 


INFORMATION:  MV WINS 501(c)(3)   Address: P.O. Box 1813, Tisbury MA 02568  CONTACT US 

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